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This is a meditation for strength.

Begin by focusing on your breathing. As you slow your breathing relax your entire body from top to bottom.

Imagine that there is a white pitcher above your head. The pitcher is filled with bright white light.

Continue absorbing the bright light until you have a bubble of white light spanning 3 feet around your body. You can stretch your arms out and you will still be surrounded by you bright white light bubble.

This bright white light bubble is strong and protective. The bubble is healthy, wise and vibrant with life. It is yours. It is you.

For today when you feel timid, vulnerable remember your bright white light.

Meditation for wisdom.

Make yourself comfortable in a chair with both feet on the ground.

Take some deep even breaths and with your breathing relax your body and clear your mind.

As you breathe, visualise a circle of light at your throat.

This energy is your voice of guidance and wisdom.

Concentrate on listening to this energy to lead you to take actions that are balanced and true to yourself

 Meditation to listen to your intuition.

Sit in a quiet space and make sure you are comfortable. Place both feet on the ground.

Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.

Imagine yourself in a walkway that is narrow with clean blank walls on either side.

Walk along till you come to an opening in the wall.

Go through this opening and see you are in a safe quiet space that is yours and yours alone.

When you are ready you will become aware of another presence in your space. It is a familiar presence but has no face.

Sit and ask any questions you like and wait for the answer- it will come.

This is your inner messenger and you can return to it anytime you like.

It is your intuition and part of your life and essence.