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Meditation for on the spot calm

You can do this with your eyes open or closed.

Standing or sitting release your arms to your side and breathe in.

As you breath in say “I am”, as you breathe out say “calm”.

Repeat this until your mind is calm and you can focus on your breathing.

Physical meditation to induce calm

Lie on the floor. Mentally bring your awareness to each part of your body and consciously relax it, progressively from your feet all the way to the top of your head. Your breath should be full and relaxed. Use the following technique on each part of your body.

Bring your awareness to your legs

Inhale deeply and lift one leg up slightly tensing the foot and leg.

Tense up the leg more.

Exhale and let the leg drop gently.

Roll the leg from side to side and relax it.

Repeat the same for the other leg and foot and rest of the body.

Prayer before bed.

I lay down to sleep
Cradled in your loving hands.
I breathe out all my cares
I breathe in your grace.
I am safe in your care,
Sheltered, held, carried.
I lay down to sleep.

Meditation to release your stress and worries.

1. Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes

Take three deep breaths

Visualise all the stress in your mind and body as a big grey cloud of smoke.

Allow this cloud to be released through the top or crown of your head.

Imagine that grey cloud floating into the sky and disappearing.

Feel the weight of the stress being released out of your body and into the cloud.

Allow your shoulders to drop and continue until you have no more grey smoke, for about 10mins is good.

Prayer for calm in turbulent situations

Heavenly Father, You are my hiding place and the rock of my salvation and I come before You today and thank You that You have promised to be with me wherever I go and to guide me in whatever I do. Lord as I set out on my journey through today, I pray that I may walk in Your ways and would hear Your still small voice gently prompting me in the direction You would have me to go.

Keep me under the shadow of Your wing and grant me protection Father from all the perils and dangers as I step out into the unknown of “today” - knowing that You have scheduled each day of my life and nothing can happen to me of which You are unaware.

Lord You know the dangers that I may face today in this hostile environment in which I live, but I am placing my trust in You and, knowing that the angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear Him and delivers them. Thank You that You are with me even when I walk through the blackest valley for my trust is in You. May You be glorified in all I say and do today, in Jesus name I pray