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                                       Body Butters

Equipment for Moisturisers/lotions/creams/butters

1. 2 stainless steel pots

2. scales

3. stick blender

4. spatula

5. containers to hold the final product

6. stove

7. thermometer

Rose body butter

165g shea butter

18g borage oil

6g arrowroot powder

½ tsp palmarosa essential oil

½ tsp red mica


Put everything in a pot and heat gently until the shea butter is melted.

Leave to set at room temperature.

Whip with a whisk for 5 minutes.

Spoon into containers.

Shea butter bar

(Makes 200g)


Water phase

20g water

Oil phase

140g shea butter

32g Emulsifier O

Last phase

4g hydrolysed wheat protein

2g Geogard 221

2g essential oil


Heat water and oil phases separately until they are 65°C.

Combine the two phases and blend.

When the mixture begins to thicken, add the last phase ingredients and blend.

Pour into two 100g moulds and leave 24 hours to set.

To use, just rub the bar over your skin.

Whipped chocolate body butter

(Makes 100g)


50g mango butter

50g apricot kernel oil

10 drops of chocolate fragrance oil.


1. Soften butter and oil together on stove.

2. Add fragrance oil.

3. With electric beater, whip every 5 - 10 minutes as it cools, getting as much air in as possible, until you reach a nice consistency.

4. Add to skin and enjoy!!

Wrap up, feel luxurious and smell delicious in the cold winter months.

Coconut whip

Makes 150g & smells divinely of coconut.


100g organic virgin coconut oil

30g organic shea butter

20g organic natural cocoa butter


Melt everything together gently.

Refrigerate until hard.

Whip with beaters.

Spoon into a 200ml pot.

Whipped coconut oil, cocoa butter and borage

(Makes 200g, but 400ml in volume)


88g organic virgin coconut oil

68g borage oil

44g cocoa butter, organic natural (smells divine)

I don’t put a fragrance in this as it’s a shame to cover up the cocoa butter perfume.


1. Melt the cocoa butter and add the coconut oil and borage oil. Place in fridge until set.

2. Whip until double in volume. Pour into containers.

This is truly divine. It’s like a cream but requires no preservative, as there’s no water.

Winter shea whip

(Makes 400g)


300g shea butter

100g rosehip oil

2g essential oil/fragrance oil


Melt shea butter until it is slightly soft only, not completely melted.

Add rosehip oil.

Whip with an electric whisker as you would for whipping cream (not a stick blender) until it has doubled in volume.

If the mixture is too soft, put it in the fridge until it hardens up a little then continue to whip.

Spoon into jars. Because this is whipped, if it gets hot, it will melt and you’ll lose the whipped effect, so in summer it’s best to keep it in the fridge.