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                                                                                            Body and Lip balms

Base balm

(Makes 100g)


15g beeswax

85g organic carrier oil of your choice

10 drops essential oil (optional)


Gently melt the beeswax, add the oil and blend. Add the essential oil and blend again. Pour into pots and let set.

Oils have varying properties:

Hemp seed and tamanu oils are renown for healing;

Sweet almond is a good base oil, as is sunflower oil.

Add more beeswax for a firmer ointment, more oil for a softer one.

Use infused oils, like calendula oil, for the greater healing power of the herbs. Make sure these oils are part of your base carrier oil.

Calendula baby balm

(Makes 100g)

42g calendula infused oil

40g organic castor oil

15g beeswax

few drops chamomile essential oil

Melt the carrier oils and beeswax very gently in a pot.

Add the chamomile essential oil and stir to blend.

Pour into pots.

Calendula nappy balm

(Makes 100g)

40g calendula infused oil

20g organic almond oil

20g wild shea butter

10g organic coconut oil

10g beeswax

few drops German chamomile essential oil

Melt in a pot, add the essential oil, pour into a jar.

Leave to set.

Chest and nasal relief balm

A great balm to ease chest and nasal congestion.

(Makes 100g)


55g NZ olive oil

15g beeswax

10g menthol crystals

11g camphor essential oil

8g eucalyptus blue gum essential oil


1. Gently heat the olive oil and beeswax until the beeswax is melted. Take off the heat.

2. Add the menthol crystals and stir until dissolved.

3. Add the camphor and eucalyptus essential oils and stir until blended.

4. Pour into containers.

NB: The essential oils and menthol used are volatile oils and will reach their flashpoint if heated.

At their flashpoint the oils will flash flame.


Muscle rub

(Makes 100g)


55g olive oil

15g beeswax

10g castor oil

10g eucalyptus blue gum essential oil

4g peppermint essential oil

3g camphor essential oil

2g cajeput essential oil

1g clove bud essential oil

For a rub with extra punch, add 5g capsicum oleoresin and make olive oil 50g.


Melt the olive oil, beeswax and castor oil gently.

Take off the heat and add the essential oils.

Pour into a pot and let set.

Muscle rub in tube


40g olive oil

10g beeswax

10g eucalyptus blue gum essential oil

5g capsicum oleoresin

5g camphor essential oil

5g cajeput essential oil


Melt the beeswax and olive oil gently. Add the rest. Stir.

Pour into the tube and leave to set.

Honey lip balm

Makes 40g

15g olive oil

10g white beeswax

5g coconut oil

5g shea butter

5g jojoba oil

½ tsp honey

½ tsp gold sparkle mica

Put all the ingredients in a pot and heat gently until the beeswax is melted.

Pour into tubes or pots.

Night face balm

(Makes 75g)


30g jojoba oil

30g shea butter

12g beeswax

10 drops essential oil (optional)


1. Melt shea butter and beeswax gently. Cool.

2. Add jojoba oil.

3. Blend, adding essential oil.

4. Pour into containers.

Organic lip shine

(Makes 90g)

This oil blend nourishes the lips and gives them a glossy shine.


20g organic macadamia oil

20g organic olive oil

30g organic castor oil

10g organic jojoba oil

6g vitamin E, mixed tocopherols

2g alpha-bisabolol

1g vitamin A palmitate

10 drops of essential oil


Measure all ingredients into a small beaker and stir to blend.

Pour into a rollon container found in our Packaging section.

Apply as often as you like!

Vegan lip balm

(Makes 200g)


40g candelilla wax

36g coconut oil

60g castor oil

60g almond oil

4g vitamin E


Melt wax and coconut oil on stovetop.

Add the rest of the ingredients, stir to blend and pour into pots.

Vitamin E callus balm

A simple balm for softening hard callused hands.

Makes 100g

30g wheatgerm oil

30g vitamin E

15g beeswax

15g organic sesame oil

10g meadowfoam oil


Heat all the ingredients until the beeswax is melted.

Pour into a container.

Bug off balm

(Makes 1 deodorant tube)

30g hemp oil

30g mango butter

20g white beeswax

few drops citronella essential oil

Melt first three ingredients very gently.

Add the essential oil. Stir.

Pour into a deodorant tube and leave to set.

Great for keeping bugs away.

Chocolate lip balm

(Makes 100g)


52g organic virgin coconut oil

20g beeswax

16g natural cocoa butter

10g chocolate (Save the rest for the next batch. Yeah, right!)

1g Vit E

1g chocolate fragrance oil


Melt in a pot on stovetop.

Pour into lip balm pots and leave to set.

Gardener's salve

(Makes 100g)

84g arnica infused oil

15g beeswax

1g vitamin E

few drops lavender and ginger essential oils

Melt the arnica oil and beeswax very gently.

Add the vitamin E and essential oils.

Stir to combine.

Pour into a pot and leave to set.