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About our suppliers:


MediHerb – herbal liquid extracts, tablets and capsules
MH EnHance - nutritional supplements

Co-founded in 1986 by Associate Professor Kerry Bone, MediHerb is the first choice for health care professionals in herbal products in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

“I believe that by recommending MediHerb you are not only giving the best possible products to your patients, you are also investing in the future of natural medicine.”

Kerry Bone, B.Sc (Hons), Dip Phyto
MediHerb Co-Founder and Director of Research and Development


Eagle Natural Health


For over 45 years, the name Eagle has been synonymous with the Australian and New Zealand complementary healthcare industry.

In 1966, Eagle's founder and original formulator, Dr Townsend Hopkins, saw the need for high quality, reliable and efficacious vitamin, mineral, herbal and nutritional supplements. As an experienced clinician, he believed that a nutritional product should fulfil the individual, biological needs of a patient, while at the same time encouraging the patient back to a state of health. One of his formulations, the impressive Tresos B has, to this day, remained relatively unchanged and is arguably the biggest selling product in the practitioner market. Others, like Beta A-C and Digestaid, have been long-standing favourites with naturopaths and healthcare professionals.


Nutrimedicine offer a comprehensive range of practitioner strength, premium quality nutritional and herbal medicines.

Designed for healthcare professionals, the range comprises a unique combination of traditional naturopathic remedies alongside innovative formulae built around the latest clinical research and manufacturing technology.

Bio Concepts

Bio Concepts' vision was to be at the forefront of developing innovative nutritional formulae and concepts. To date they continue to incorporate this vision utilising peer reviewed scientific literature and cutting edge information.

The founder of Bio Concepts, Henry Osiecki, has been an integral part of the development and success of this company. Professionally trained as a Biochemist, Dietitian and Nutritionalist, Henry's philosophy is to integrate cutting edge nutritional research into therapeutic products of maximal efficiency.

Bio Concepts have been at the forefront of nutritional medicine for over 20 years and continue to strive to be the leaders in their field.


Evidence based natural medicines - It is the goal of the Heel company to validate the therapeutic efficiency of the products they manufacture. Very few natural medicines have actual clinical testing on actual products. More interesting is the fact that Heel will test the therapeutic efficiency of their most important products not only against placebo but also against known pharmaceutical drugs in similar categories of disease, such is the confidence in this range of products. Heel through extensive research and testing has earned the right to make the claim "evidence based natural medicine".

For more than 60 years, Heel has offered non interactive, effective and comprehensive therapy with homoeopathy. Drug quality and safety have absolute priority at Heel. In addition to research and development laboratories, Heel operates high tech analytical and microbiological labs for testing of source materials, in-process control of individual production phases, and final control of the finished product.

Recently one Heel product Traumeel S was voted number one injury product in Germany by pharmacists above all products including orthodox medical treatments.



Natural and homoeopathic medicine - Brauer professional believe that just producing the highest quality natural medicines is not good enough, they should also be effective, convenient and easy to use.

Having specialized in natural medicines and associated homoeopathic medicines since 1972, Brauer have developed what they believe to be the best Australian natural medicine products available to help relieve pain and illness naturally.

Most Brauer Natural Medicines are homeopathic which means they are:

• effective
• provide relief of specific symptoms
• are easy and convenient to take
• non habit forming
• suitable for children
• can be taken in conjunction with other medicines

Most pharmaceutical medicines mask the symptoms without dealing with the cause of a health problem. A disease is not just symptoms. Symptoms are the body's reaction to the cause of a health problem and simply stopping the symptoms does not make the disease go away, it just masks its presence.

Think of a burning house with its fire alarm that's screaming away, alerting everyone within hearing distance that a house is on fire. Merely stopping the symptoms is a bit like pulling the wires out of the fire alarm. You've silenced the alarm but the house is still burning down.

Brauer Natural Medicines are based on homeopathic remedies, which work with the body to deal with the cause of the problem so that the body no longer needs to have symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances and processed in a way that makes them both very powerful and highly unlikely to interact with other medicines or interfere with any serious health problem for which the medicine is not being used.


Medicine Tree

Medicine Tree has an establised range of comprensive holistic healthcare products that are designed to achieve specific effects.

Medicine Tree remains committed to producing homeopathic formulas with the highest quality natural ingredients following the strictest standards for preparation.

Medicine Tree provides a range of holistic healthcare remedies from an innovative Nutritional range to the unique Genesis and Organo remedies



Bio-Practica is an Australian owned natural medicine company founded by an expert group of health practitioners, dedicated to empowering and supporting healthcare professionals, their clinics and patients with natural, integrative and complementary nutraceutical solutions.

Bio-Practica Clinical Essentials delivers a fundamental range of nutrients and herbs, essential for every practice, supporting health and wellbeing. This range assists with maintaining, balancing and optimising general function, by supporting detoxification and repair, antixoidant and immune health, and energy production.


Dr Reckeweg


The therapeutic range of Dr. Reckeweg preparations reflects the homeopathic action profile of their single ingredients.

Unless specifically stated, there are no known contraindications, side effects or interactions with drugs in Dr. Reckeweg preparations. All Dr. Reckeweg preparations except the Dr. Reckeweg R30 and Dr. Reckeweg R61 ointments contain alcohol.


NFM Professional

Naturopaths are able to offer their patients the most comprehensive fertility and preconception support on the market today!

Francesca Naish, Jan Roberts, Natural Fertility Management and the naturopaths at The Jocelyn Centre - all specialists in healthy preparation for pregnancy and beyond - have reformulated and updated the NFM range and now bring you the results of their 30 years of clinical experience.

Working as a complete and comprehensive range, the NFM Professional Supplement Range support patients and health professionals seeking the best in preconception, fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding care.


Nutrition Care


Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals is committed to providing drug-free, inexpensive, safe and effective health care products to people all over the world.

They strive to promote health research and education, disease prevention, and truthful information about medical alternatives. Above all, they seek to empower their customers, health professionals, associates and consumers with the power of nutritional and herbal medicines.

Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals was founded by Professor Ian Brighthope.


Nordic Naturals

Why are so many medical professionals and research institutions choosing Nordic Naturals fish oil and fish oil blends?

Exceeds International Pharmaceutical Standards
Exceptional Freshness Levels
Exceptional Purity Levels
Award-Winning Taste
Exclusive and Exceptional Raw Material
Multi-Patented Manufacturing Process
We use only the natural triglyceride form of fish oil
Backed by Extensive Research
Formulations are driven by the latest developments
Environmental Responsibility
Optimal Blend of Natural Stabilizers




Our oils are supplied by Phytoverse. Phytoverse Pty Ltd sources it oils from all over the world which allows for extensive experience, knowledge, support and buying power, all of which we can pass on to benefit our clients who hail from a range of industries including food, beverage, aromatherapy, cosmetics, spas, hotels and hospitality.

Phytoverse products are sourced from all around the world, assessed according to stringent international standards, tested independently to provide analytical and safety data, and stored locally for efficient distribution. Phytoverse and ProHerb are exclusive distributors of Fratelli Parodi and Parodi Nutra vegetable oils. Our huge array of ex stock items enable us to offer some of the fastest lead times in the industry, while our strict quality control standards, traceability and independent laboratory testing ensure product integrity.


Spiral Foods
Good, safe, wholesome food is our basic human right

As practitioners we are always talking with patients about the importance of their diet and the use of whole foods. So it made sense to us that we offer and promote the use of organic and whole foods. Spiral Foods' commitment to support small family business', whole and organic foods dovetails with ProHerb’s philosophy.

As Spiral Foods themselves say...
 “Some people call us the pioneers, others the innovative Organic food company, even thecompany with just the best products. Either way the Spiral team are proud to work with a groupof (mainly) small family businesses to provide some of the finest foods available. Be it a traditional soy sauce from Japan, Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain or Tunisia, Vinegars from France to fantastic Australian Organic Pasta made from the best wheat in the world; We are out there creating.”



Healthy food is essential for healthy development.

The only way of knowing that the food we give our children is the best we can provide, free from harmful chemicals, is by using organic ingredients. Providing families with safe, organic food that tastes the way nature intended is Bellamy's mission and will remain their primary objective.

Bellamy's is committed to providing a range of tasty and nutritious organic baby food and family snack foods, that are 100% certified Organic.

Bellamy’s started with baby's first foods – baby rice and baby porridge. They added bakery products such as organic toothiepegs for teething babies. Then along came their very popular organic apple snacks and more recently, Bellamy’s Organic infant formula range. Now they have included more fruit snacks, great pastas and more cereal and fruit combinations in their range of Australia's best organic babies' and children's foods.

Good Morning CerealsOnly the finest organic grains are used.
The contemporary, wholesome look of new packaging gives the Good Morning family of products visual appeal and a strong presence on shelves.
Customers seeking a particular cereal – such as the very popular puffed rice – will be exposed to three other options, which can prompt them to also try others in the range.
For the growing number of people with Coeliac disease, three of the four products are gluten-free. That’s real choice.
The distinctive design aids fast brand recognition for repeat purchasing.
The ‘window’ in packs reassures customers that the contents are pure natural puffed grains (no coatings or cosmetics).
Sealed in the new packs, Good Morning Cereals have a natural shelf-life of 12 months, minimising waste.
Organic puffed breakfast cereals
No preservatives
No additives
No added salt
No added fat
No added sugar
Convenient (ready to serve)No nuts are processed in their facility
WotnotEco friendly, biodegradable and organic products

The Wotnot range are premium products using ingredients that are chosen for their abilities to benefit the skin by combining natural and certified organic ingredients, to gently cleanse, moisturise and soothe.

Gentle for you, your family and the environment…

WOTNOT products are free from:

  • artificial fragrance
  • petrochemicals and mineral oils
  • lanolin and phtalates
  • soap, sulphates & other drying agents
  • paraben preservatives & propylene glycol
  • and other commonly used ingredients that can be irritating or drying to skin
  • our wipes and sunscreen are safe for sufferers of Eczema
Giving Back…

WOTNOT believe in social responsibility:

  • we are against animal testing
  • empower with information to help people feel healthier & better about
  • themselves and the choices they make
  • respect everyone we deal with
  • protect our planet by providing products that are sustainable, clean and safe
  • use 100% Renewable Energy in our office and warehouse
  • add to our community through Bear Cottage & The Wilderness Society

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